Cracking How IntelliFlow Low Code Can Solve Your Technical Debt

In the last few years, organisations have become more cognizant of digital innovation and transformation, which has enabled business firms to look at software as a quintessential key to digital innovation. This is why more apps are being created and why the IT system backlog with this, ushering to technical debt. 

An essential part of the software development cycle, technical debt overwhelms the developers, drains the existing resources, and infringe the ability of the IT system. As per the technical report, technical debt consumes 40% of the business’ development time and hampers revenue growth and sharing.

With tight deadlines and resource shortages, the technical debt is just getting worse, and the firms are in a hassle for a quick round and easy solutions to get the task done. Business leaders are always on the lookout for ways for process cycle reduction. This involves software development, process optimization, and operational cost minimisation. However, despite their proactive approaches, this has widened the gap in IT capacity while catering to the evolving and expanding business requirements as a stumbling block. 

Let us step into how IntelliFlow can resolve the technical debt with their low code

Facilitates Business Collaboration With IT

IntelliFlow equips organisations with adequate solutions amidst easy collaboration with business users. The low code here exhibits concise and regular input crafted explicitly as per the industry needs. With its always happening prototypes and in-progress builds, organisations can ensure a clear understanding of the development teams. 

IntelliFlow’s low-code facility secures the firm with clear and regular input. This process allows the business and IT Team to be on the same page and reduces the chances of misunderstanding while downsizing the technical debt.

Speeds the Application Development Time

With IntelliFlow’s low-code application, the software and applications perform up to 20 times than original code development approaches. The low code here allows the business teams to focus on the right solution and reduce the development time without any compromise in quality. This also allows the customisation ability, whenever and wherever needed. 

Helps Overcome the Integration Challenge

The technical debt is bound to happen with no proper documentation and maintenance. However, with low-code technology at IntelliFlow, the skilled IT technology with artificial intelligence and robotic process automation is amalgamated. This is further supported and backed up by a single workflow while maintaining data in a single location. This allows businesses to have an effortless connection with apps and process automation. As per the Forbes report, the global low-code development platform’s market revenue is expected to reach $187 billion by 2030.

Easier To Maintain

With applications deployment, the incorporation of the latest interfaces and security measures are automatically set for the mobile devices and cloud platforms by IntelliFlow’s low-code platforms. This further eliminates the modification of various working environments and operating systems. This is why the apps and software involving IntelliFlow low-code platforms do not pile up for technical debt and regular maintenance. The simplified maintenance and upgrades with these platforms as well as regulatory inspections and performance considerations are also taken care of. 

Enterprise-Wide Efficiencies 

IntelliFlow’s low-code development tools assist the developers to focus on new and unique functionalities to be incorporated into the apps, therefore, reducing their resource time for the underlying services/functionality basics. Additionally, these platforms help them manage the interface, data model, and definitions for even the non-coders. This is why the low-code tools decline the development team’s dependency to update the frameworks and other technology. As per Gartner’s study, almost 41% of non-IT individuals and business technologists can develop technological solutions.

Final Words

The low-code platforms at IntelliFlow have created a difference in every sphere of business to emancipate them from technical debt. In case your business experiences technical debt and you feel enlightened with low-code technology, you can check out the unparalleled solutions at IntelliFlow, a low-code/no-code automation platform.

Join hands with us while continually accomplishing business improvement targets.

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