Digital Experience Transformation

IntelliFlow is a cutting-edge platform that allows users to access personalized information and services on demand. This transformation of the user experience is accelerated by IntelliFlow, making it faster and easier than ever to get the information you need, when you need it.

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Digitization is integrating digital technologies and solutions into every area of a business

The goal is to increase efficiency and better customer experience. In the age of digital transformation, no company can grow by using the traditional method. Otherwise, there won’t be any difference between the nearest local restaurant’s home delivery service and food delivery apps. The intention is that companies have to adopt digital transformation to compete with their competitors and stand with a unique idea to delight its customer.

This is not possible with the traditional approach of hiring developers and making the work done in years instead of days. A company must be smart enough to define its digital strategies and execute them in no time. The right approach to modernize/ adopt new digital technologies is to opt for a low code no-code platform as the center part of its digital strategy to build/ scale faster its digital assets to improve the overall customer /employee experience.

A low-code no-code development platform provides citizen developers an environment to create applications through a set of graphical user interfaces instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming. It enables faster delivery and deployments of applications through minimal/no coding. This Platform is an approach to meeting complex challenges with ease.

Challenges faced by
companies with
manual/ partial digitization

Companies that had already successfully digitized and used platform-based business models are
making excellent growth on the other hand the companies that do not transform digitally will be left
behind and will conclude to exist.

The challenges these companies face;

Lack of growth
Studies show that 70% of companies have a digital strategy, but the challenge is its execution itself. There is a lack of talent strategy aligned with digital strategy leads to delays in implementation and companies will not be able to leverage their full potential. As businesses are always busy keeping the lights on, they are not exposed to emerging technologies. Moreover, SMEs won’t have enough technology experts who can demonstrate and articulate the values of new technologies.
No Business Transformation
Technology transformation causes business to transform their business models quickly and scale faster. Any delays prevent companies from reaping the potential benefits they would gain from the introduction of new and more efficient processes by dealing with a workforce that is not fully capable of leveraging modern technology.
Lack of customer experience

The lack of faster digital adoption causes companies to lose their customers and their value proposition. Customer centricity is a core of any company’s digital transformation journey. Organizations have started
investing in exponential technologies such as AI, ML, Intelligent Process Automation, etc. to have next-gen customer experience and take a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

How IntelliFlow helps faster digitization

Intelliflow is a next-gen SaaS (Software as a service) low code no-code Platform providing tools for companies to design, build and deploy enterprise applications with speed and scale. It innovates and simplifies the application development process through its flagship product, IntelliFlow. It allows citizen developers to build enterprise-grade applications to run friction less operations through rapid development and process automation. IntelliFlow is a low-code platform to make business better with faster time-to-market and succeed sooner.

IntelliFlow helps faster digitization as it’s a complete platform consisting of a Form Builder, Workflow
Designer, Business Rule Engine, and Data Modeller. Organizations can build and deploy faster with
IntelliFlow which is built on the latest and greatest technologies.

Some of the key features of the Platforms are:

  • IntelliFlow Studio covers from Form builder to Data modeler to build a complete application

  • Enhanced Visual Interface to design, build and deploy applications faster

  • Auto-generated forms & data models from design

  • Flexibility and Extensibility in its design capabilities

  • Provided a Collaboration Workspace for teams to interact and build great applications

  • Metadata based platform using microservices that allow faster deployment and at scale

  • Reusable templates such as UX templates, Process Models, and Application templates

  • Support both Web/Mobile or Hybrid application development

  • One-click deployment

  • Simulation options for citizen developers to preview applications before deployment

  • Analytics, Dashboards, and Decision models for businesses to become competitive

  • All published applications in one place for clients to manage through IntelliFlow App Central

  • Mini-apps layout design for both citizen developers and end-users to leverage the best in class and modern user experience.

  • Real-time Notifications -Workflow-based notifications at various stages to provide intelligent nudges to the user to take corrective/preventive actions.

  • AI/ML capability built within the platform for decision making and providing differentiated intelligence in the platform

  • Provide connectors for integrating with other third-party applications

  • Auto code generation features

  • Allows citizen developers to build/modernize applications much faster with its modem technology solutions with micro front-end & microservices architecture with cloud-native capabilities

  • QuickStart templates for business