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Excel to apps transforms your excel files into web
and smartphone applications

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IntelliFlow Provides The Best Features For Excel to App

Multiple Dashboards

Multiple dashboards create an effortless experience for users who want to manage two apps at the same time without any problems.

Carousel Items

The slider is a great way to add some spice to your content and attract visitors.

QR Code Possibility

QR Code Creator is a simple & easy to use app that helps you create and scan QR codes. With this app, you can quickly read QR codes and get the information you need.

Banner Ads

Running banner ads on the website is an effective way to showcase the company’s products

Dashboard Card

The dashboard card allows users to create custom layouts & designs for their applications, making it easier than ever to personalize their user experience.

List Items

This feature helps users create lists of multiple items & products in an attractive, easy-to-use layout for the excel application.

How IntelliFlow Helps you to build Application faster and to achieve your business goals

IntelliFlow’s Excel to App has benefits that go beyond spreadsheet trouble and will affect your business even more. That’s because with no-code apps innovation and optimization is no longer only dedicated to the IT department or an external service provider – now everyone who knows Excel can jump in and start creating, deploying and managing an app.

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Create an Application from Excel in 2 Steps

1. Upload your Excel Sheet

Upload your excel spreadhsheet on to IntelliFlow Platform and its AI enabled features validate the sheet and convert in to an application in seconds.

2. Preview and Publish

Next, users can preview or customize the the application using IntelliFlow Studio or directly publish the application to IntelliFlow App Store for both Web and Mobile.

Why should you turn your Excel into an app?

Spreadsheet version control is hard
With spreadsheets constantly circulating around, chances are the latest version will get lost sooner or later. Moreover, updates by different people can end up damaging the core data and make the file unusable.

When you move your data to an app, you can limit users’ access to the “master version” of your spreadsheet, and only allow admins to access it. Under this setup, users are only given access to specific data and fields, with everything else remaining hidden. This allows them to conduct the operations they need, without inadvertently corrupting the native spreadsheet.
Excel does not work like a database and is difficult to scale
While Excel is a good place to store and manipulate data, it does not offer the functionalities of a database or, rather, of a data management system. Excel does not support complex data types, nor relations between files and records or different sets of data. This limits the types of operations you can perform.
Moreover, when used on a desktop and not online, spreadsheets don’t allow for real-time multi-user input. Your spreadsheet then soon becomes a hindrance to scaling operations and improving efficiency. This is further compounded by the fact that as files grow, operations become slower and more cumbersome.
Reversely, by making an app out of your spreadsheet, you can offer your users the advantage of flexible and easy access to data, and data collection from a variety of sources, not just Excel. Plus, you can provide multiple users with access to your know-how, without risk of them overwriting your work or your data getting exposed.
Apps offer greater security
Even though a certain level of security, such as password protection, is available in Excel, this can fairly easily be bypassed. If you want to keep your data safe, then retaining it in a spreadsheet that is widely accessible is not a good idea.

By turning your Excel spreadsheet into an app you are effectively removing user access to the source file, encrypting the data, and hosting it securely in your own environment. There, it will be accessible only to users at the admin level. This guarantees the safety and integrity of the data. It also allows you to specifically determine who can see your data and entirely limit third parties from gaining access. You can even set an expiry date to your app after which it will simply stop being accessible to users.

For even greater security, you can initially create your app with dummy data and populate it with your original data later on.
Present your data more user-friendly
An Excel sheet is not the perfect asset to share with your customers, the management team or embed to your website. With an app, you provide an easy-to-use tool which shows you all relevant data in a user-friendly way, which can be used on mobile, desktop and tablets.

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