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Connect using IntelliFlow Universal Connector.

Citizen developers can use this platform to quickly and easily bring their ideas to life, without having to worry about coding or any other technical barriers.

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Point. Click. Connect.​

Integrating your forms and workflows to external systems is easy with IntelliFlow visual point and click wizards.
Simply configure and deploy – we’ll handle authentication, security and communication details for you.

Extend processes to the Cloud​

Your business is already using a mix of on-premises and cloud-based systems. Make your on-premises systems and processes even more efficient by using IntelliFlow Workflow and Connectors. You can easily deploy cloud-based workflows that securely integrate with systems kept behind your firewall, so users can access them 24×7 from anywhere.

SharePoint. Connected.​

IntelliFlow’s SharePoint Connector integrates with SharePoint to give you the best of both worlds – the enhanced forms and workflows you need with the drag & drop designer, and the ability to save documents to a SharePoint library or write data to a SharePoint list with point and click wizards.

Work with your SQL Database​

The Database Connector is a tool that helps businesses by making it easy to access employee, product, client & other information that is saved in a SQL database. This data can be used to easily fill out forms and workflows, making them more useful overall. With this tool, businesses can save time and energy by not having to input data manually into forms and workflows.

Integrate with Google Apps​

IntelliFlow Google Connector provides extensive integration functionality, including the ability to read/ write form and workflow data to a Google Sheet, upload documents to Google Drive, and sign in using your Google credentials.

Save documents to Files​

IntelliFlow File System Connector helps you manage data and documents related to your workflow by automatically saving and organizing them in a local or remote file system. You can also use it to rename files based on information from forms, and generate complex metadata files. This makes it easy to integrate with many Content Management Systems that can track changes to files in designated folders.

Connect to virtually any system​

Our API makes it easy to integrate our forms and workflows into your existing web applications. You can also access your data and manage your submissions from external systems. Our API is secure and powerful, making it easy to get the most out of our platform.